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awesome fun band. the vocals sound a bit like freddie.


a group that i am very glad to meet on the radio. when i heard the songs we are young, i wondered if it's an old song or not, i don't know. then i was happy that they did such good work at such a young age. all of the songs i listened to were to be listened to over and over again without getting bored. (see carry on)


it's the right band to have an owl city feel to it. it's a pretty good group. i want to wander aimlessly and happily in the streets of europe while listening to such men.


new generation queen.


very popular, tight-cheeked, restless, petite group. i also used the phrase "minnos", imagine how happy i am, i got honey from every flower like a bee, i'm as happy as a cicada...


how long have i been comparing this group to something but i don't remove it. finally eutrophic! i said and i found it, or after i found it, Örüka! i said: these guys are officially the next generation electric light orchestra! when i looked on the net for a bit, i was even happy to see that i was not alone in this feeling. yes.


they are the group that has made the number one in america with "we are young". their album "some nights" struggles with giants such as adele, whitney houston and bruce springsteen. it's like a fairy tale.…uz-adamn-mutlu-sonu.html


why always panic to me! reminiscent of at the disco. they both have very unusual music. some nights album is also very successful. later knowledge: it turns out it's fun. and panic! they even went on tour together at the disco. panic! did not even support them less. i knew they were related :p