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i said before that his writings were very soulless, but i liked his pictures. it feels like it can do original things over time.


have no words for your photos, your home, your beauty. there are much better accounts on the book than him on instagram, but fufu attracts people's attention more with the care in his photos and quotes. but do not write. your writings are really lame. the audience may be smacking, but i've seen few people who write so soullessly. the reason is that he doesn't have something that successful writers have. there is no darkness in her soul. definition: someone who makes you want to write.


commendable for not scrolling.


is discussed. i can approach it from two different directions. first of all, he manages to be himself in the crowd. in terms of the parts they read and cite. (for now) the latter, but still getting mundane. because the place is full of people sharing books and coffee. this is a rule that applies to every different thing as time passes. even the most different things become ordinary as you get used to them.


i like it very much :) both the photos, the writings, and the upright and elegant stance towards life. one of the bloggers that i said i've discovered. (see desk magazine)

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