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you have an awfully filthy, spoiled, arrogant and coy people. just because of this, even though i had coal like an animal in the storm, i turned it off for 4 days out of spite, i turned on the generator on the last day. 90 out of 410 people survived. what do you mean, you can live even at -120 degrees, you were coy when it was -20 degrees. that's how facts are revealed. edit: my first play after watching on friend, normal difficulty level.


actually the game is a sivas simulator... when the weather is -20 degrees in sivas, we say oh it's a little warm today and wear short sleeves. these guys die right away. it means that the characters in the game are generally taken from the southern regions, otherwise it is not so easy to die. 20 of my men died the first night, i guess i'll have to deal with it some more. if i can survive 1-2 more days, i'll edit it right away. *


the enormous game in which i turn into a dictator who was broken by stalin and saddam hussein on my way to create a prosperous, just and self-sufficient industrial society. example : day 1: -we need workers, should we make the children work? -no! children are our future. let's build a safe haven for them where they can have a good time. day 33 : - refugee caravan full of sick people is coming, what should we do? - either shoot the skerim refugee, if anyone comes through the door, man. i need coal laaaannnn, son, give a sermon from that church, give something to the skicem boards.


(bkz: thank god we're past the bad days, now there are worse days to come.)

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