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in an interview with ayşe arman (2003) years ago, she said that she defined the concept of "nogenic neurosis" in 3 pages in her book "existence and psychiatry". he has sincerely explained. "life is empty, but it fills up when you piss in it."


`the power to add meaning to life becomes effective with the courage to accept the meaninglessness of life.`


claim that the life of the person who reads the book being human with understanding can change.


"they think i'm waiting for someone. but i can just stare for a long time. looking is a wonderful thing" is the author i found myself with. i have the same, same same.


dear owner of the motto "if you call for love, either no one will come, or the wrong person will come".


"he who takes responsibility is free. the free man fears less and can love for his sake." earrings in my ear. yes.

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