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friedrich nietzsche

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“when we are tired, the thoughts we conquered so long ago attack us.” friedrich nietzsche


"an ignorant society can never make a free choice even if it is given the right to choose. it is the cruel and deceitful traitors who steal your sovereignty!"


the owner of the wonderful saying "as we get higher, it is inevitable that we look smaller to those who can't fly".


he said "the weak won because they forced us to be ashamed of our own strength", what a joke....


the famous german philosopher who said "we are not in love with the desired but in love with the desire itself"... it is really interesting that his father was a priest... really...


a person with extraordinary insights. "it's about liking something, actually, really, it's about liking yourself through this thing." i realized this years ago, but i could never explain it. i was scumbag i thought of it.