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freedom writers

Our teachers did not appreciate adaptations from real life, such as the statement, "The problem is not the children, but the system that tries to force students to study." I would suggest they watch the movie, "My Aunt Came," which portrays the struggles of child brides that the system cannot even force to read, as it may be more relatable to them.


freedom writers

A good movie about the unification of diverse backgrounds.


freedom writers

Is it bad that this work of cinema differs from Dangerous Minds? No, it is still a fun movie to watch.


freedom writers

"I was thinking of studying law while I was watching the L.A. riots on TV. If you're defending a child in court, then you've lost the war. The real battle must be fought here, in the classroom." If you haven't watched it yet, open it and watch it.


freedom writers

The title showed the authors who criticized the film according to the Turkish education system.

10/10, my score for today, I don't know if I can give 5+ when the world is pink


freedom writers

The soundtrack of the movie is suitable for someone who enjoys hip-hop music. The cartoon game they play as a class can be a useful tool for a teacher who has recently begun working in a school with a different social and cultural environment.

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