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updated priority to complete the trainer concept. the version that will be aesa radar light attack aircraft seems to have to wait a bit for now. edit: i thought i'd add one more piece of information; ej200 engine will be used in the aircraft.


(see #120386216) i researched and found out that there are more than 30 phoenix/s in the tsk inventory. also, anka aksungur continues at full throttle. in this case, which parallel universe does the friend in question live in? :) hürjet is being developed as a training aircraft and it is a very useful project in terms of know-how. tusaş's statement of "we will do that too" is a grounded statement now because what has been done is a guarantee as it can be seen.


within the scope of the development, a new contract was signed with the british stirling dynamics company. "within the scope of the contract, the company will support the engineering team of tusas until the critical design review/cdr stage." the source is self-confident, actually i'm super, but for those who say that the groom is here, here is the job opportunity :)


there are many projects carried out by tusas. while important steps are taken in projects in the medium term, sometimes serious changes are made. these developments are shared with the public from time to time. it's perfectly normal. it is not possible to understand why this situation creates discomfort for some of our citizens. i am not an aircraft engineer, but if you follow 2-3 sites in the field of military technology or aviation, you will understand that your criticisms are meaningless anyway.

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