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considering that the printing press came to our country 300 years later, tomb raider 3 is an important study that reduces the technology gap to 20 years with its graphics. have you put the script of any competition movie on it, here's the movie.. thank god the teenagers of this time are not broke like we are, or who should go and pay?


there are some jobs that you are ashamed to put your name on the back credits


(bkz: love death and robots) even being on the platform where shit is thrown is a pointless business. even nightmare22 had already made those animations in 2006. look, i didn't even need to give an example from abroad. even in the country, there are people who will make animation like a man if you give them their money. of course, since the goal is to put 1 and get 1000, who fucks the technological investment.


ready player one is a the movie with a scary trailer. i am very curious. isn't there a smart one in the whole team who says, "oh my teacher, this was bad. it wasn't that good. i didn't like it"? then why is the cinema not developing? pity, pity..


such an unreal engine 4 that they couldn't even make a mario graphic. background objects ready, purchased, nice, nice; masallah luigi in the models they made. when you add crappy video siter acting, garbage script and murat serezli to this, only this comes out. my hope is that it will be uploaded to video site immediately and be able to stream easily.


i don't want to be fooled by the 15-second trailer, but the cgi quality is really behind. i don't know when we will abandon the mentality of "you are enough for us".