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my husbandmmmmmm (see: kdjdkskdjksjdjdk)


(bkz: the teacher who is dating 24 girls at the same time)


--- spoiler --- #93677201 i hope he finds the love he is looking for soon and mixes with children because we need children to be raised by such people as a country. --- spoiler --- are you blessed.


i closed the kpss book this year, thank goodness. i had listened to his lecture a few times, but i couldn't understand it, there was a ridiculous order of lectures. i was very surprised when i read the latest events. he didn't look like that at all.


can swear that there are dozens of teachers like this man in kpss environments, but i can't prove it. in societies where sexuality is suppressed, there are many men who will not miss the opportunity to be with dozens of women secretly. and by the way 24 less. is more.


it is obvious that he is a good lawyer, he teaches well, i said what else, i watched one by one, i learned a lot thanks to his videos available on video site. i'm sure he gets a lot of blessings. his voice is officially the same as that of (bkz: fatih artman). oh, and he says "baaak" and "don't be ridiculous" before describing the events as if he had been in contact with a happy period of time at some point in his life. that's all the detections.