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(see: bleu blanc rouge)


(see liberty leading the people)


blue - represents paris white - monarchy red - represents the people.


sir, the truth of the matter is this; before blue, white and red became the colors of the french flag, they were the colors of the cockade, which the people revolted against the king used to distinguish themselves. in this cockade worn by the crowd gathered on july 14; red and blue, the color of paris, are separated by white, the color of bourbons... and this is how the colors of the french flag were born.


the red of the french flag represents the revolution, the blue represents freedom, and the white represents reconciliation with the king. this is how colors first appear. also solid red color is the flag of paris commune.


blue-red are the colors used by paris. white is the color of the king. it is rumored that the message given by placing the white in the middle of the blue and red is: as the nobles of paris, we are protecting our king. contrasting with the message of freedom, fraternity and equality, this rumor is quite ironic. (source: sec. sunay akkin)

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