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thanks to the flexible (see: generic) structure it brings to the digital circuit, you can turn your circuit into a jigsaw puzzle. that is why it is called field programmable gate array. you have a million gates and they are all at your disposal! you can make them do whatever you want with the vhdl code you will write. (bkz: long live technology)


it will not replace processors in the future, it is already used instead of processors in realtime application, the play dough of the electronic world on which you can build a processor.


the processor on which the processor can be designed is a kind of ordinaryus cpu


the goal that can be seen as an application competitor of microprocessors and microcontrollers. since fpgas are based on logic gates, they are less affected by problems such as supply fluctuations or electromagnetic fields, so they are preferred especially in military-purpose systems. systems with microprocessor or microcontroller, on the other hand, stand out as their energy consumption can be very low. also, it would be much more expensive to build the same system with fpga.


it didn't catch my attention, but fpga is frequently used in places that require speed (micro transactions) in the finance sector.


(see altera)

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