four horsemen of the apocalypse

four horsemen of the apocalypse

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another member sequence; war pestilence is in the form of famine death. there is also a fifth member, who, according to the famous writer terry pratchett, is the main founder of the group, who broke up before the group became famous due to some disagreements. its name is chaos. also (see: discworld)


according to the bible, there are four horsemen who will bring the end of the world. when the first seal is broken, war will come on your white horse. epidemic disease on the red horse when the second seal is broken. cramp on your black horse when the third seal is broken. when the fourth and final seal is broken, it is believed that death will come on the pale gray horse.


joe, jack, william and avarel.


adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine.


although its content can be filled differently, its extension in football is real madrid, manchester united, bayern münchen and lazio for some. the fact that they play with each other can make football fans think brooding. i wonder if i should go to the cinema instead of watching the match of february 24, 2004 bayern münchen real madrid...


- hello it's d'artagnan... - fuck off... - it will happen, it will happen someday...