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the site of men who want reputation points by writing "respect for labor" after each post... we understand that you all respect labor, but what will happen to the efforts of those who make the songs, programs, plays and films you distribute? of course it doesn't matter... the 10 minutes of so-called effort you spend to distribute all kinds of works to the nation for free is only important... by the way; yes, friends, i have written so many entries, respect for the effort... let's not forget to click the button.


it is a forum that has experienced a lot of talk on the the webmasters front. when we looked at the result, it turned out that this site, which competes with google(!), has done many google tricks (such as keyword spam). for this reason, it was first banned from google. it was later revealed that vbullet did not have a license and was shut down. but unwisely he tried to use nationalism. the interesting thing is that the adult forum is open during this shutdown.


(see: site administrators who graduated from primary school) edit: my favorite entry was.. why yaw why?


when i search about anything, when a result of this site comes up, i skip it directly, i haven't seen any money cure until now.


there is a rep * madness on this and other sites. "rep is given to rep" in the signatures of the nation. "i'm rep's dog." there are articles in this style. kind of a hash account here. some of them upload their computer from morning till night in order to get rep. i guess not much has changed since the incredible days of trying to be op in mirc.


the forum site where i got banned for calling fethullah gülen "fethullah". i think i should have said "hodja master", we didn't know.


it reminds me of my adolescence days when i see it in the left frame. we would open a title and pray for it to hold, if it didn't, we would post 1-2 comments and pull the title back to the top. hey gigi


while the number of members is 3.3 million more than hardwarehaber, it is a forum site with 20 million less messages. i hope you understand what i mean.