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it is a difficult skill. takes time. “it takes two virtues to forgive. both forgiving him and forgiving yourself for forgiving him..." (see orson welles)


action not to be confused with oblivion. many people make a big mistake by thinking that when their mistake is forgiven, the feelings and results of that mistake are forgotten, erased. whereas forgiving is just accepting, not judging the other party more for their mistake, but never forgetting.


and i don't know where to start. what will you start? -to forgive him.* +you can't forgive him! i have to forgive. because my love never ends. and when you don't forgive, love just hurts so much. (see: upstairs downstairs)


our brother tom robbins said on the subject: “wise people can forgive many things done to them; but he never forgets what he forgives.”


forgiveness is always thought of as an emotion. in fact, it means the end of emotions. iris murdorch - my most beautiful sin, i can't forgive myself..


forgiveness and giving a second chance to a person must be one of the best things that can be done for that person, but if you have a structure that does not forget, nothing will be the same as before. if trust is missing while giving that chance, whatever he does doesn't help you anymore, the background of forgiveness is a delay consisting only of saving the situation. actually it's already finished.

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