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the ford gt40 was a carroll shelby design. when ford gathered shoes on a lot of cars that ferrari designed to put an end to its dominance at le mans. they knock on their old friend carroll shelby's door, and shelby designs the gt40. it's the height of the 40 cars in the gt40, but some people say it's 40.5 inches and they call it the gt40.5 for $aka. let them say it, the gt40 wins all the races held at le mans between 1966 and 1969. the ford gt40 was a very good semi$ car, until the porsche 917 came out against it.


(see: ford v. ferrari)


it's the vehicle that started the beginning of a tradition, how? the tradition of victorious racers popping champagne began with a victory champagne detonated over the ford gt40 after a race won with the ford gt40.


an animal that one cannot believe was produced in 1964.


according to the documentary i watched on discovery; the series originally produced by ford to piss race with ferrari. although its performance is high, it is very sluggish in terms of comfort. "the windows were not opened in the ford gt40. then we looked, the man getting into this car will be face-to-face with the traffic police. we also added openable windows. eh eh ..." it was designed by denyos who said. *


one of the most beautiful and handsome cars.


ford wants to buy ferrari, enzo ferrari initially accepted the terms of the deal and is ready to take on the role of ford's successful arm in motorsports. but then whatever happens and enzo gives up on his decision, whereupon ford gets very angry and sets out to build a car that will bury ferrari on the track for le mans, where ferrari was very successful at that time. at the end of this, gt40 comes to light and events develop. (see: le mans 1966) (see: le mans 1967) (see: le mans 1968) (see: le mans 1969)