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football team names

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(see: barsel 10-a) is the original name that a friend of mine, who was studying in class 10 a, came up with for his class teams a long time ago. well, it's science after all.


a astroturf match with friends, drunk from the bar in the morning. teams: piiz lisbon - alcoholic bilbao tactics: piiz lisbon 2 goalkeepers all the rest of the strikers alcoholic bilbao 4-0-0.. 1 player is vomiting in the reserve. stadium: izmit boulevard astroturf spectators: 3-4 stray dogs and a friend's poor lover. match result: friendly won.


they are usually names created by pushing the imagination for 5 minutes. the name of our team at msu was a team. and we really had some problems. while 13 - 15 people came from other departments, we found it difficult to find 8 people in total, including the girls with mustaches.


in ramadan, those who fasted during the class match would go to one team and those who did not would go to the other team, believers-infidels would play a match.


linens set


metu computer engineering team: cenglerbirliği (see: ceng/#1329750)


(bkz: ota boca juniors)