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interesting news, memories, etc. from every interview they do. football page.


follow the football arena and betanalysis, we do not stay behind on twitter, thanks to the agenda.


when they couldn't find what they expected from football, they wrapped it in a magazine. this news gets a lot of hits.…yayinlandi-16004f/p1/m/


although it didn't have bad content in the beginning, after the criticism i brought to the news that they kept saying "here's the guy...", "he said to his coach...", "first he scored the goal, then ..." on his twitter account just to increase the hit of the site, i deleted my twitter account. site with a teen admin that blocks.


website and social media account managed by adolescents. nonsense magazine news, "flash, shock" news headlines etc. to get clicks on their sites. etc. full carcass content briefly.