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publishing house of beautiful people who started its publishing life mainly with translations of books on ecology, escaped from city life and returned to natural life. they also make wonderful notebooks with their own hands. for daily adventures:


(see: manifestos on the future of seeds and food)


it is the publishing house of people who make marbling, juicy and beautiful handcrafted notebooks. it is possible to reach the beautiful notebooks of beautiful people at


it is a beautiful publishing house that has made a women's day discount. i ordered a bookbinding kit and an introduction to permaculture and a few more books. they packed it so sweet that they put 2 lemons next to it. yes this is a shopping, i am aware of that. but there is a real effort in the work, and this labor is much more than we need today and it is very valuable. thanks for your hard work!


addicted publisher. it all started with an introductory book to permaculture. you create a desire to read like crazy, not only do you want to read, you want to produce, change, transform. knowledge, motivation, awareness, it includes them all. it is good that there are people who do such things, it is good that we do not all spend our lives in metropolises for giant companies. oh my.


instagrammer publishing house, where i frequently encountered the unnecessary use of "and" in the book "a beautiful life with uncertainty and change" i read. i contacted for some reason, they created the impression that they needed to file a little arrogance, so i felt the need to convey my comment here, maybe they will evaluate and check the book again through the eyes of the editor. they're so cute there, even if we criticize the valiant, we have to give him his due.


it is a publishing house whose first books came out of the printing house like freshly steaming breads... it is one of our greatest hopes that we, who love it, know that the flora and fauna of gümüşlük, faralya, iznik, samistal, halfeti, hasankeyf, ani and many more beautiful places await. for the country... (see: ernest callenbach) (see: pocket guide to ecology)


İrem cagil was impressed today that all out-of-print and out-of-print books will be reprinted and will take their place on the shelves by the end of the month. permaculturists, unschooled growers, more or less patient, finally we won!