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like america's adana, all kinds of goods are in this state. bullet is thrown at the sun in adana, and an atomic bomb is dropped in florida.


our equivalent is one word. (see: adanalı)


if i could make a website, i would make a "florida man generator". for any florida man-sentence that could ever exist has certainly taken place. the second sentence is the definition :) `florida man seen half-naked walking his goat on rain`


what do you expect from a man who lives in the state who can get a crocodile in his kitchen while he sleeps at night. living in florida requires being a little weird. also, most of what's written is true, the state's overall education level is very low. naturally, florida man can come up with a different adventure every time. definition: internet term used to describe floridians who have committed bizarre crimes committed in the state of florida.


(bkz: no man comes out of florida) (bkz: florida is the island of america) florida man comes out of florida, the southern state of the usa. just as the adana courthouse is famous, the florida man who occupies the florida courthouses is also famous. with a simple search on the internet with the hashtag #floridaman, you can find a wide variety of mind-numbing acts. in order to visualize them, a few examples can be seen from the link below. 60 times florida man did something so crazy we had to read the headings twice


if the man whose crocodile news i find more entertaining, if he didn't have a job with crocodile, there is a big deficiency


since these ridiculous news started with the florida man pattern, you understand what you are dealing with as soon as you see the news. the only thing left is to enjoy the news, because even if the news channels are serious news channels, if there is no serious accusation or someone's victimization, they tell the event in a funny way. these news can be so interesting that english is learned just for them. of course, if you write again, there will be a nickname, but there is probably such a person.

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