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the person who calls the secular republic of the country an islamic country.


two minutes after he said "turks have had a desire to rule the world throughout history", we have a very confused brother who can say that the imperialist states are so dirty. turks have a desire to rule the world, they have conquests. super. we deserve everything. but when someone else does the same thing, it's imperial, occupier, colonial. wow. he is someone who tells the fantastic and unrealistic tales they desire to his full akp/mhp head.


i got to know him thanks to the program called "beyond the agenda". to be honest, it's not surprising to meet such a man on trt. his general speech structure probably went against today's stupid ottoman fanatics. the man spoke so calmly, so knowledgeable and so constructively that it was impossible not to be amazed. actually. he is a historian who writes history not to be close to one side, but because he loves it.


he is also the dean of the military academy


his worldview and thoughts are debatable, but he is a reliable historian. he is one of the few academics who dominate the safavid sources in the country. as far as i have read and watched, he evaluated the subject of safavid, which is viewed as sectarian, very objectively. he prepared a nice monograph about shah ismail. (see: the last Qizilbash shah ismail). (see: date-i kizilbasan) (see: kizilbash, ottomans, safavids)


heavily nationalist and ottomanist historian. according to this, the alevis and the redheads were never crushed, they were never massacred, they are all lies and slander. if he wasn't ashamed, he'd say, "he's gone, he made up his own bullshit out of boredom." i watched his speech at a foundation belonging to the great unity party: video site/watch?v=hho9hmefwd0 but my nausea still did not go away.


his description of türk is as follows; he is very emotional; video site/…mafba6m7a and feature=youtu.be