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(see: how did i get lost?) (see: how do people disappear in america?) (see: we looked at disappearance prices in america)


if nothing will happen to me; it's not funny.


the friend who allows us to see his defenders "and this way everyone earns thousands of dollars a day." - everyone - a day - thousands of dollars - earns thousands, if you are so knowledgeable about the subject, thousands of dollars are earned every day, why is he trying to shoot videos, edit and edit video site. so that he can earn from his seat, don't make thousands of dollars every day, friends, don't be so bloodless, don't go crazy because this much money is money, don't do it, stop somewhere and think


video siter who went to las vegas by private jet with his coyote friend october nazim kaya. in the video, he advertised his friend's and his own sucker-chilling sites. they are both really hope dealers, i feel sorry for those who believe and give money to these friends in this internet age where we can learn everything by research. no, no amazon sales training, you are a comedy about getting rich from mr. ekim for $150.


he went to those fantastic restaurants in america where you can eat unlimited meat by paying a fixed fee ($16-$36) and devoured a cattle in front of everyone. frankly, i'm a little afraid of a man who can devour three years' meat needs in a single meal for a family of four.


a businessman who was never sincere, but who immigrated to the usa thanks to his head-scratching ability, pardon him. (bkz: paint his mother and sell it to his father) let's see how long it will take for my entry to be deleted this time.


video siter chasing his own helm. while he was shooting cute videos with the kebab shop he was promoting at first, however it was; "come to america, this kebab shop will guide you ;)" has come to the point. uncle who cooks a lovely and lovely tripe soup all of a sudden; "i'm coming to the country, make an appointment with me and let me do your investment consultancy ;))" was connected to the final. dear İlkay zaman, you are moving away from being a fun video site channel and getting into the distaste of companies that make money for consultancy about america. don't...