first they killed my father

first they killed my father

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ahmet ozal's latest movie


the movie is not flowing. it's very static and so it's boring. plot, plot etc. straight forward. i think it's an ordinary movie


to be honest, i did not expect angelina jolie to make such a successful film. describing the war in cambodia through the eyes of a little girl, the film has cleared many unnecessary details. the little girl's acting is amazing.


it is a film that allows us to see how perfect communist ideology is in practice. throughout the film, you see how the people have come together to create the great cambodia. in any case, the popular revolution cannot be expected to yield other results. what else can ignorance, bigotry, obedience, and pure violence produce? such a perfect layout...


mediocre movie. yes, it shows the world the brutality, but that's all. i don't think there is any enjoyment of viewing, immersion or fiction. i was both bored and bored while watching it. it was a never-ending movie for me because i wasn't in the mood to stop it.