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first date

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turning the age of 26 to 16... making me sit down and read the 191 entries above... i have passed the excitement and nausea, there is nothing left in my mind to talk about. what did i love? what did i like? what kind of music did i listen to, what kind of books did i enjoy? what was my favorite food, my favorite hangout or something? no, it's gone. first date is a stomachache.


one convenience that i think will make the first meeting more attractive is being mobile. that is, chatting while walking instead of sitting in one place all the time. the payoff is the opportunity to talk about the things seen on the right and left where the conversation ends. will suppress. in the meantime, it is recommended to prefer places with plenty of people and showcases


your voice trembles (don't be fooled), your hand trembles (don't touch anything), your feet tremble (nobody understands this, it's good), your heart trembles (this is love), that's how a first date is. say hello to life with your most beautiful clothes.


on the first date, say you've never had sex before, but mention that you only have one week to live