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it is an application similar to twitter that emerged in the last months of the summer of 2016, but in addition to twitter, 20 or 25 rooms with common topics have been added and changes have been tried to be made.


eye-catching site made by teenagers, probably by stealing 1-2 scripts. dude are you crazy? will this be our face? no post is fixed in size, something pops up from everywhere, it's a randomly arranged desktop like site. it's so eye catching, color choices, font, everything is messed up. nothing standardized. especially the part that opens when you press something like that menu button, the transparent background is flying out, the things in the front are not visible, there are tiny texts on them aboww


akp made twitter. while the brilliant software developers of the country did not receive any support, it was prepared with millions of liras given to the supporters. it is a project to connect social media to akp under the name of "domestic". i think we will hear more in the future.


the social media thing that will be the new tagging center of the new the country. we're plugging horses and horses... come on, don't stop, you're plugging in.


it is a social network that has been in operation for about 4 months and continues to develop and grow with each passing day. its founder is arif Ünver. it is said that great breakthroughs will come in the coming days. it has also started its activities with both ios and android applications. it is said that new versions of applications will come from scratch in the coming weeks.


i wonder if the design was made so amateur on purpose.


it is a fishing net thrown into shallow waters. it is the trap program of akebe, which is infamous for trolling the bottom of the sea. i pray to god that all the trolls and trolls of the country will collect and go there. everything he did was not eaten by us as it was considered according to the intelligence level of his voters. i wish you a lot of socializing.