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app that i use for setup alarm and android widget but not working since last night. turn off and on the server if you want.


a program to follow the current stock market agenda with software that is much more successful than its counterparts. at the same time, you can see which bank you have bought foreign currency or gold from, according to the scissor transactions of that bank, and monitor your investments accordingly. one of my favorite features is that you can set an alarm according to the price you want on the basis of dollars or other investments, and you are informed.


setting up a setup alarm in the application is a great advantage.


“our notification service has been hacked. we apologize." application that sends the notification. *


in the forum part of the application, as i said, those who are looking for followers, financial experts without diplomas are running around. i wanted to warn you, even following the posts for a short time can cause iq retardation. apart from these, it is a useful application in terms of market and investment monitoring.


it is a very successful database that i have used for a long time. i recommend you to follow the author named "istanbul" who writes on this platform about usd.


the successful application, which has attracted a lot of sheep like bones thrown on the street, is a platform where dogs who manage to shit in every environment they enter, also come here and deem it right to insult those who have foreign currency, gold and silver. if you're not a coward and don't feel nervous, it's an investment application that can be very useful when you use it without pressing the "social" tab at the bottom.


i'm swinging investing from the exchange rate settings 100/5 changes, euro dollar usdtry what do you want, if you want, tell me constantly, or if there is a minus, whatever your goal is, come to you seven twenty four quarters