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started a campaign against violence against women and child abuse, no! he shares the videos they say on his video site channel. but very little is observed. i hope he can continue to bring the sound he wants.


the actress who gave a superhuman performance in the audience logbook and now plays in the tv series arka sokaklar.


in 1994, he played in the play "it's expensive to live without money" with ferhan Şensoy in ortaoyuncular.


the artist standing as the beauty of sympathy at disco king.


the player i gave the right to be thrown into the profession. even with those incompetent directors, he did a legendary job in that backstreets series. it is our country's shame that we spend so much talent on humanitarians.


the character of a bunch of theaters, who constantly talks to the grocer and bingo through the window and gets scolded by his mother, cute human.


the artist who sang the story, some of which is called şahin rakes.


he is a very good actor, it warms my heart when i see it. also very sympathetic.