fig jam 2

fig jam 2

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(bkz: fig jam 2 my rebellion keke)


fake spoiler of the movie ---spoiler--- this time halil sezai's girlfriend gets the ebola virus, they both die. happy ending as the 3rd movie is guaranteed not to be made. ---spoiler---


the continuation of the ordeal of two lovers unaware of condoms.


wouldn't it be more remarkable if they made strawberry jam, peach jam or something instead of making the name fig jam 2. what is fig jam 2? fig jam is fig jam, friends. fig jam has no religious language or race. will there be a movie called pickled cucumber 4? it is not possible. get the fuck out of this country.


it's the movie i'm planning to shoot without anyone shooting it. i will pull it out and bury it in the ground, no one will be able to reach it ahahah. yes.


it would have been more effective if it had continued the series as carob molasses. would give strength to both the girl and halil sezai.


between a girl and a male lead character infected with the ebola virus.


(bkz: fig jam 2 palestine)