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a game that regresses a little more each season. expecting career mode-style content this season has been disappointing. the events are pretty bad compared to last season. given players become useless due to team chemistry. i couldn't come to the fact that the activity energies were so bad. ka games are all you can do in the game. since artificial intelligence is applied in it, everything is done so that you do not move to the next class. i played for days to reach 800k, but finally i deleted it. edit: spelling


the events coming this year are very bad, i've been there. 86 level gives me a challenge that i started behind at 101 level 1-0, what will i get in return 78 level is useless character


they screwed up the game that was perfect in 2017. last year, i used to log in every day and fulfill the tasks. after the update, it was the game i deleted from the phone.


let's fuck the brains of those engineers who designed the black lives matter jerseys and uploaded it to the game as it is. one side is dark blue and the other side black men are not chosen. visual edit: the referee is also black. make the field black too, get a black hole, big screen.


if anyone is playing, we are waiting for you in our league, there is no tactic, bam bam bam. :)


the nirvana of momentum in this game, a map is officially drawn, it says you will win an opponent, especially in one-on-one mode, the procession of the opponents is bot, so it doesn't make the game a human being, it started to get boring slowly, i'll quit soon, sir..


unfortunately, lately the events in the game are designed entirely for p2w (pay to win). be smart ea


i said i'd download the new season, it's out of the game every 10 minutes, it pissed me off. the phone is iphone 6, it won't be played until this bug is fixed. i'm tired of restarting since morning. the game you will make is also a...