fifa 2005

fifa 2005

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the game that makes the farmer smile. it's raining all the time let me sell the mother...


it is probably the game that has the best soundtracks of the fifa series, not in terms of technique and gameplay, but in terms of music. all the pieces are nice too bro, you are simulating with pleasure.


it's like an unforgettable ex, always sweetly remembered


i'm so sorry.. we lost one of the symbol names (see: jose antonio reyes) that made us love this game today.


it is still my favorite football game among the games i have played so far. ***


the game that contains a logic error that i caught. of course, there are many logic errors. (see: referee not appearing in fifa 2005) does not exactly match the reality, but mine is not one of them. for example, i play with adriano in the striker. then i take out adriano and bring torres into the game. meanwhile, adriano scores a goal. normally, players should change after goal celebration, but fifa 2005 changes players when a goal is scored. adriano scores the goal, but torres is happy.


the game where i fell in love with the 6th level fitness coach. *