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what did that mehmet gunsur suffer from ozan trust? he became rüstem pasha in the magnificent century, he dug the well of mustafa, and now he has laid eyes on his lover. just leave it alone be.


i shared the same house with the character of murat * in the series for a short time in gökçeada. because her lover studied in gökçeada; he used to come and go on weekends. for giving his lover the key to the house; he got caught with another chick, you idiot. i got my ass kicked and all the bills and rent fell on me. the man literally played himself. 7 years ago he was incompetent, also incompetent in the series. also he still owes me 110 tl..


--- spoiler --- wise: you haven't been in a long relationship for years, does it have anything to do with your trauma? can manay: sure. i have attachment problems for fear of losing, but just because i haven't had a relationship doesn't mean i've never been in love. one


in the 1st episode, when i was answering questions with clear tüzünataç ozan güven, i waited for this line from ozan güven. -is that a question by diving in? also, congratulations on making a good show. edit: in the 3rd episode, they didn't put the samsung brand in our eyes. it was like a samsung viral episode.


lots of hope sarıkaya cartoons come out of this series. "i studied dance in london." "i watched them in toronto." -(a squeaky mouth appears in the back) "i'd be surprised if you didn't watch it in toronto, dear manay." (see: adventures of extreme shape)


not the car, not the pickup, not the pickup truck, - take that bag and put it on the amor. (see: volkswagen amarok) wow davar wow.


too much fi² edit: too many people asked how i wrote the square. i'm sorry that i couldn't answer one by one, i hope you don't mind. you need to type the left alt key + 253 253 from the numpad on the keyboard. moreover; alt+ 251 = ¹ alt + 253 = ² alt+ 252= ³


it is an internet series that ends the season with 12 episodes and has a lot of advertisement scenarios. i'm stuck with names, namely: a loyal disloyal. a pure and impure state. a shallow sea with no depth. student is wise. edit after months: can take life. thanks. @symphisis pubis (he's still a rookie but shuts up with his suggestion.)