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this woman was always like this, we tried to explain, but we couldn't. his aim is not to do his job, to be useful to his country, etc., but to advertise himself, to be famous, to hold a certain power. in it, a charlatan who exploits people's feelings. feminism, atatürk, has become famous because of sensitive points. whatever you do now, this woman will continue to eat bread with her fake image. in short, he is like those who exploit religion.


he is a lawyer who is obviously not sincere, who first took a place in the social media and then in the mainstream media with cheap rhetoric and turned this situation into money. his tweets from 2012 seem to contradict the values he now 'defends'. i passed him, he is the person who, when his tweets are examined as a whole, seems to have a very masculine and simple level of intelligence. another bubble burst in the country.


without social media, no one would know about him. she made her first move when she took her baby and came to the courtroom. then she expanded her market by saying feminism, instagram, twitter etc. and if he gets the parliamentary seat from the chp, which i think is his target, he won't be back. as an opponent, you do not seem sincere in the least, my friend. we're tired of you ending up everywhere.


i am also a dissident man. but this woman is a derivative of n. plaster. feminism or something justify it, the story. a woman who is completely concerned about becoming a phenomenon, working for commercial purposes. his insincerity is evident in every aspect of it. anyone who claims otherwise is probably 15 years old. people didn't know, people aren't a money changer.


was lynched for the first time, saying that he was showing off when he took his child and went to court. it worked; he used the child, he was recognized, he published a book, he collected the money, he used alevism, he clamped down on his feet, he shot the first husband, made a girlfriend, made a girlfriend, he used the imam son and took the money away from the media, you said, good opposition, that's what it's doing, brother? shall we appreciate him for doing his job? he made a good market...