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if explained philosophically: speed distances one from oneself and slowness draws one closer to oneself, so festina lente is an art of living when its application is accomplished.


latin for "hurry slowly".


the name of a bridge in sarajevo. it is right across the faculty of fine arts and looks incredibly beautiful, especially on snowy days.


an arvo pärt composition. little arvo doesn't know why the big arvo gave this name to his work, let me start like this first. festina lente appears on the miserere album. the dedication to manfred eicher does not go unnoticed. the estonian bearded madman who has placed the violas in the middle of his work. the first and second violins go at twice the speed, the cellos are slow when they start. the melody is played seven times, in three different tempos, and then it ends like all good things... bonus (see: augustus)


there is a saying attributed to plato: "those who go faster than the mind requires cannot finish the race." haste is dangerous and slow means failure, while slow haste will bring us safely to the goal. festina lenti is the life philosophy of many mountaineers and many people write this word on the cover of their textbooks


tattoo on my cousin's arm. i say it means justice for everyone, in case i tell them what it means anyway.


an idea that cools you down a little while the heat of desperation you feel while looking at the mountain-like works piling up in front of you is resting on your temples, and that sprinkles water in your heart. - i have a lot of work to do, but i have to start from somewhere... i have to start right now, albeit slowly... festina lente... the motivator that will allow you to enjoy the journey, step by step closer to the range and finally getting there, rather than sitting and reading the damn thing while looking at the long road in front of you.