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i will never want to be anything i will never want to be anything i will never want to be anything but i have all the dreams of the world.


"whether they exist or not, we are slaves of the gods." *


"there is a thin glass between me and life. although i see and understand clearly, i cannot touch life."


the great name of 20th century portuguese literature. he was known by very few people during his lifetime, he published a book. after his death, his ready-to-publish works found in his chest were sold to the portuguese government by his family. pesoa means person in portuguese and comes from the persona, the mask of roman players. mask, imaginary person, nobody all these words actually describe the poetry of pesooa, the search for lost identity. imaginary poets, pseudonyms* free quest in the presence of another.


extremely precise or extremely vague poet, whose surname means “person” in portuguese, armed with the identities he created and different writing styles, claiming to be the least real person in his self-created world. i found the words i have been looking for for years for my life in the sentences written by one of his external identities, alvaro de campos: "we all have two lives; the real one: the life we dreamed of in our childhood... the fake one: the one we live in partnership with others" ...?


"don't make fun of anyone, never make fun of anyone, don't do it even in the farthest corner of your heart. human life is too sad and serious to be ridiculed.” fernando pessoa


"literature is proof that life alone is not enough." a literary man who has created different lives for himself by living with his motto.