feeling like you're going to die soon

feeling like you're going to die soon

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it's caused by generalized anxiety disorder, don't worry when it goes away.


the feeling i have as a result of a pleasant alcohol use, smoking, red meat and fatty diet, and a sedentary lifestyle for at least five years. although my height-weight ratio is good, i do not think that this quarter-century old body will go any further. huh, it's been like this for five years, it's not shit. edit: it's been 10 years since i wrote this entry, i haven't changed anything, i'm still alive omg, i'm healthy.


at night when you are about to go to sleep. i want to get up at night and hug all my loved ones, but you will appreciate that i will not be welcome by all my loved ones. i remember the words that i made mistakes during the day, i want to apologize to everyone one by one, sometimes i don't waste money, i text. luckily when you wake up in the morning this feeling goes away ohh..


the feeling as a declaration in the mind or subconscious that the middle age is officially set.


not now, not tomorrow, but a feeling of not being around in a few days or a few months at the latest. such a stagnation, such a numbness.. everything has passed me, those who did not pass, please pass. an endless tolerance towards life, people, not being angry at anything, i'm leaving, you stay safe attitude. such recklessness, such planlessness, such breadth.. even if i am depressed, let me stay like this.


normal for a virgo person.


a strange, supernatural event that everyone can feel until they re-adjust to life after the pain of love, separation and the consequent alcohol and cigarette intake.