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even in the will he wrote to his mother, he did not forget his great love, tutelage, and by saying "love my loved ones, too", he made his mother adopt the tutelage blessed after his death.


deceased bureaucrat, one of the scapegoats of the time, who has a large hall in the ministry of foreign affairs of the republic of the country, therefore his extradition is respected.


while defending his thesis on cyprus, the foreign minister gave an example from shakespeare's othello.


during the yassıada hearings, his name was referred to as "10%" on the grounds that he had received a share of foreign aid. later, it was understood that this shareholding was a fabrication.


paris match magazine said "he died as a lord as he lived" while processing his execution.


the first name is pronounced with an unaccented, closed a sound. it's like saying it's not a conqueror, it's a fallacy. it is tragic that the word fat meets the ottoman meaning of death.

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