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it is a work of ivan sergeyevich turgenev. i think it is a work that should not be equated with boring russian novels. it is among the books that can be read in two breaths. now i look at my notes and i have two quotes: "time (as it is known) sometimes flies like a bird, sometimes moves like a slug, but what one likes most is not noticing whether it passes quickly or slowly." "death is a very old truth, but new to all."


turgenev's novel with a very colorful (!) character named bazarov. i was able to sympathize with him for the first time with the answer he gave in the following dialogue in the part of the book i read today: -tell me, evgeniy vasilyevich, why does the pleasure we feel, for example, listening to music, spending a nice evening with the people we love, chatting with them, seems more like a reflection of a great happiness that exists somewhere. to us? +you know the idiom: "happiness is where we are not."


“if i was a romantic i would say 'i feel our paths parting' but i'm not, so i'm telling you we're sick of each other.”


"whatever we fill our bag of life with, as long as there is no empty space in it"


it is the work of i.turgenev. i started to read this book when i was 15 years old. after reading 50 pages at that time, i didn't touch it again. i was going to take a 12-hour bus journey recently. it caught my eye just as i was leaving the house and i immediately bought it and put it in my bag. i started reading it again. i said why i didn't read it until all this time. it is a book that i recommend everyone to read seriously. of course, if there is no one left, other than me.