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fast and furious series

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this is the series that i wish would never end. even though the subjects are ordinary, action movies starring cars are watched here.


the series will end with the 11th movie. it normally ends at 10, they increased it to 11. they are meeting with justin lin to direct these movies.…niz/status/1318758086107160577


dominic toretto: "one last ride." (9 more movies were shot.)

4…tatus/1304384322267471873?s=20 michelle rodriguez said that the next series will also take place in space.. it would be more comfortable without gravity, of course, to side.


imdb pages. the fast and the furious 2 fast 2 furious fast and the furious tokyo drift fast and furious fast five furious 6 furious 7 the fate of the furious


carrion son scavenger movie series, one of which i hardly finished with the push of a friend. when they see two flying cars, people think they're shit. i said 50 times. action movies are regrets. ha, you watched this, ha, the competitions of acuncu. both are garbage amk.