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fashion sea club

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a nice club to go even just to eat pickles, liver and fried zucchini.


the club where i went to listen to the band renaissance on saturday night, but first got a shock when i heard that there was a jacket requirement, but i managed to complete the night without wearing a jacket, bypassing all the waiters running next to me and all the obstacles..


place where you can moor the boat to the buoys in front of the pier and enjoy live music while sipping your beer in the summer months, offering free concerts.*


it is an example of the social injustice and thousands of contradictions in the country with its newly opened pool below and the people sitting upstairs drinking beer and watching them. the membership of the club in question is around 8 billion. (see: human landscapes from my hometown)


the venue where one of the 3 most controversial weddings took place on the evening of july 15th. as it is known, the majority of those who attempted the coup were airmen. the daughter of a very, very important aviator general was getting married in this place, too: - the daughter of the combat air force commander, gen. mehmet Şanver, in eskişehir. (air force commander general abidin Ünal and air force command staff attended the wedding held at istanbul moda marine club on the night of 15 july. the coup plotters landed in the moda marine club by helicopter and took the commanders hostage. )


a place with audi advertisements all over the place, revealing the class difference. while the members are sunbathing and swimming indoors to the latin music, people in the street above watch this view with a beer.


judging from the entaris written, it is the place where most lexicographers do not know what it is or how its name is written. because this is a club, not a club. there is no such thing as a club in the anyway.


i'm wondering how long the annual membership is now the club