far cry 3

far cry 3

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i guess if i'm attacked by an animal in real life, i'll claw as much as i do in this game.


one of the best games i've played. the finale took me away from me to the bathroom. adfadgsfgsfhsf


the game that tells the sad story of a man who turns into a poker addicted gambler while trying to save my friends.


fuck the game like this. you kill the man, the gun falls on you. changing weapons is the same key as looting the corpse. i'm thinking about adjusting the angle.


have a hard time capturing the bases without being seen in this game. i shoot from afar with a silenced sniper rifle, the man's friend finds the entry angle and shooting distance of the bullet thanks to his superior detective skills and runs straight to where i am. and kill the men on the base as much as you want, they don't press the alarm before they see you.


i think the task of burning a marijuana field is one of the most enjoyable moments when playing a game, the air with music playing when you enter the field. very different.