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far cry 2

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game with a main character with malaria. like a joke. i'm just going to throw a grenade, it's coming, a tremor. so where is the bomb? on the mountains, on the stones... besides, pressing morphine` : syrette` at the highest difficulty level, we both got malaria and became a junkie. i'm such a strange neble.


we go to the gun shop and sit in front of the xt computer, we order from the virtual store with a 14k modem, we pay with diamonds, instant delivery. that's what creativity is. whoever thought of it i want a double of the same


gubik game where the enemies still keep running when you shoot them in the head with g3. g3 he'll cut his head off.


the game where you can have the experience of competing as a pilot in any team in wrc after you finish it.


the game that i reloaded after years and deleted half of it.. our hero chose the way of destroying half of the african population in order to kill an arms smuggler.. note: after there is no one left to fight, what would you do if you killed the gun smuggler, what if you didn't, my brother..

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