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if obsidian does - they said they want to make new vegas 2 - it is a game that is likely to produce a much better game than f4. especially obsidian reflects the spirit of fallout better.


considering that the original producer of fallout is obsidian entertainment, formerly known as black isle studios - and it is - i hope they release it soon as the 5th game or new vegas 2, which everyone has heard from different places. bethesda i beg you, don't remove it, just deal with distribution.


"i don't know about fallout 5, but fallout 6 will be fought with sticks and stones" -the sole survivor


for now, it seems that the 5th game of the series will be fallout 76. it is not clear whether a new game called fallout 5 will come later. as a result, after fallout 3, new vegas came and the series continued as 4. we are waiting, understood ok.


since starfield and the elder scrolls will be released after vi, we will see it in 2023-2024 at the earliest. unless bethesda goes bust by then. in fact, sometimes i think it would be better if he handed over this beautiful series to someone who can do it properly, even if it went bankrupt.


fallout games mean vault exploration. for me, the most important element of fallout games is to discover the stories and mysteries of the vaults, the most exciting moments. my expectation from the 5th game is quality written vaults. (see vault 11)


it is the series where you will have information about how the game will be shaped according to the arrival of the dlc packs for 4. again, the post-apocalyptic scenario, of course, but this time in which state and what will it be met with? it causes great excitement.