falling star

falling star

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an event that can be made eternity by making one more wish in the form of kaysin... (see: selçuk eminent)


in a desperate night when you believe that god no longer hears your voice, it is the desperately requested sign from the sky. *


if he is alone, one can have mixed feelings when he sees it. on the other hand, it is possible to find yourself in an empty mood when mixed with his uneasiness, on the other hand, it is possible to find yourself in a hollow mood... takes it as a sign, as if it's a sign that everything will be alright...


for one person only. the wise one...


a tour celebrity fuck.


shooting stars are fragments of exploding comets or planets. they enter the atmosphere at great speed and begin to burn by heating due to friction with the air. most of them burn off quickly, giving light to their surroundings and disappear. few of them can land on earth without being burned. if we do not count the ones that can be seen with a telescope, an average of 75 million objects descend to the earth every day. but 1 or 2 of them fall to earth as very small. (see: simurg phoenix)


a magnificent natural event that i witnessed twice last evening, with a few hours apart. i kept all my wishes. i thought of my wish this morning and said, "if there is another shooting star at night, it will be certain" and a star has just fallen again. i was very happy for a moment. it's like it was secured. if so many people say, they must know something, i said in my heart and i'm waiting for the result as soon as possible. good luck!


the magnificent view i just saw (as if it was close) in the sky of muğla. it was like a sci-fi movie. . i made a wish.