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fairy tale therapy

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he is also the person who tells tales to grown-ups in the movie "once upon a time" starring mert fırat and melisa sözen. also organized an event called tales for adults.


an amazing book by judith malika liberman.


it can rebuild your outlook on life. a small but powerful book. if you are in a period where you want to face yourself and live a more positive life, i say give this book a chance.


it is recommended to read for 10 minutes before the lesson, especially for primary and secondary school students. it is a book that motivates students to the lesson and develops their imagination. at the end of every fairy tale, the tale has a message and a small event. huh, adults can also enjoy reading it. it allows you to listen to your inner voice if you pull it out at a slightly unstable moment.


the book i got today with the recommendation of a friend, i immediately had a sympathy with its cover. when i choose a random page and read my first story, an expression of surprise on my face should be found in every library, i think. choose a page, read, think.


i believe that nothing is a coincidence, can i believe that the timing of being aware of the book and getting my hands on it was a coincidence :) follow the rules and don't sit down and read it in one breath! until the one who understands the book which is really like a game as it is said.


it is a book of stories that you will open every day and read one of them, rather than reading it from start to finish. it's been sitting on my desk for a while. i open it during the day and read a fairy tale, the first two minutes, but then i say, thank goodness. i can't develop personally.