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--- manga 353 - spoiler --- after god slayer and dragon slayer, now devil slayers are included in the story. let's see what we'll see next. angel slayer, animal slayer and recep tayyip erdogan slayer would look good. --- manga 353 - spoilers ---


i said that he returned to ask-ı memnu, but i understand that he is going back and forth between the brazilian tv series and the ibo show right now. i'm unhappy :( --- spoiler --- let's see who saved lucy's mom from the pimps. we look forward to it. --- spoiler ---


it is an anime with a great character named elfman. what he said about natsu's motion sickness is very funny. --- spoiler --- if you're a man, then you should make the car sick! --- spoilers ---


(see nice perfume)


an anime that made erza scarleti the woman of my life. if i look away and smirk, if he sticks 2 in the middle of my mouth...


--- manga 254 spoiler --- it's really sad to see the guild's deplorable state in chapter 254. there was not a single man in fairy tail, apart from those who disappeared on the island. --- manga 254 spoilers ---


it is a series that makes you tired of jellalu. that's enough my friend, fuck it!


anime series unlike *, * * *, * that *. it attracts people, especially those who have played ultima online in the past and have had all kinds of trouble with their own guilds, at least it attracted me. it cannot be explained by writing it here, so everyone can watch and see. the only bad thing about the series is that 42 episodes have been published so far, it stays on your taste buds. you want more.