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i, as a radical atheist, am more religious than this man.


it's not a scammer. no one should claim otherwise. if a man goes and gives his money to fadil, that money never belonged to that man. it belongs to fadıl, fadıl has already got his money back.


3 years ago, he started to wear a robe, etc. when asked, he said that this is the way of dressing in islam, everyone should wear it like that. now, on his photo in the news of his latest scam, he has shorts that end above the knee. as usual, i couldn't link the article anywhere, but you'll understand.


the chief who plucked cunning ibis who was eager to buy timeshare from the maldives, while he could not manage to withdraw money from the atm by himself. then why did it happen like this.


the man who shakes off the stupid rich muslims who accumulate every ten years. it's a testament to how stupid this nation is. debe editi: if you forget the soma, your heart will dry up.


only the person who can't fool cem lay. cem makes a jet ski out of these glasses and uses it in your river..


the man i'm sick of. he fucks the one who says he is a muslim, and when he shows up to fuck again, everyone opens his ass. he also fucks off again.


i have 750 thousand liras saved on the side, i wonder if i should invest in dollars, speed. i decided to invest it in fadil. one of the architects of the new and great the country with the projects he has just commissioned. that's why they call him a thief, it's true. because he stole our hearts <3 even if they mean official, i wouldn't believe it if they slander this man.

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