faculty training program

faculty training program

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the program where i expect new research assistants who can apply to so many theology staff to find a new religion in a year or two.


with the change made today, the rate of undergraduate grade point average used in score calculation increased from 25% to 35%, while the rate of ales score decreased from 60% to 50%. no need to write long. academician candidates who graduated from relatively high quality schools were blocked. there was already an injustice between the candidates with a passing grade of 70 in the 100 system and those who passed with a 60 or bell curve, which was a haircut.


although it is true that research assistant cadres are filled without any scientific examination, the practices experienced in direct purchases as equivalent to this program are a thousand worse. before this program, we had very qualified academicians, but did it harm this situation?


it was an unfair program. how fair is the grade point average requirement? how fair is it to keep the average done in a good university the same as the average done in nameplate universities? the majority of students graduating from a university with a passing grade of 70 are equated with university graduates with a passing grade of 50. the passing grade of 70 is also reduced by 10 points compared to the bullshit conversion. is that fairness?


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