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reading behind the detergent in the toilet has become obsolete.


new, sugar free facebook.


thanks to the belese, we were texting. sms package, net package, top up, etc. was shelved.


it was closed and caused sadness. i reproach the operators for taking my fun in the toilet and traffic from my hands.


legendary application that is the friend of the poor, the worker and the high school, which is certain to be closed by turkcell as of january 18th.


a service that is sometimes really free and sometimes cuts 0.50 tl for a crack at turkcell. if you call something "free", how come you get that money? the system is officially stuck on its head. well, if i'm going to pay that money, i'll go to m.facebook.com anyway and browse the site like a man, at least. it is shameful. (see: free access by turkcell)


ajlik facebook...


the legendary thing that suddenly came to my mind. i would desperately update the status from my nokia phone, send a message and comment on the photos that i could not see. for a certain time, it had united the hearts of penniless and unpaid hearts, in fact, it was very rewarding.