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it makes people want to relax by hitting them with the building of the factory that makes the shovel, not with the shovel. come on, my child, be an expert, an expert, a master. what idiot invented that phrase? there's this appraisal word, and there's the +18 cliché, i'm very kind to both of them. (in fact, 18+, that is, 18 and above) don't push this country too hard, it's already broken, you still stubbornly persist in appraisal and appraisal.


expert review.


the sector, which attracts fraudsters, issue a stamped and unsigned expert report when you notify the bank that you will not give it to the bank because it is a penalty-free situation.


if it is used for automobile, it is the master who takes care of the car you know. what is the appraisal?


valuation of a land or building according to certain criteria..


be you, even if you buy your car brand new, get an appraisal first thing. why? while we were selling our 18-year-old german-origin car, we were sure that there was no paint on the vehicle, but that's why the car came out of the factory with a painted ceiling. if there is such a defect in your vehicle, you want a refund / discount on the exchange price. you will have a solid document on your hand that there is a manufacturing defect, and you will have peace of mind.


securities and real estate valuation. in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of companies engaged in this business, especially with the effect of the rapid growth of the banking sector.


excuse me, but it's a very upturned term. "expertise, that yee we are the field, we are super!!" how far? people are a bit humble, a bit humble or something*.. there are even reports of "expertise!!" those who pass by. (no, not insane report) (see: appraisal report)

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