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the flamboyant premiere of your infamously learning to be a queen.


the most wonderful reaction about experience came from halit ayarcı: "...you don't know the real meaning of the word experience. to have experience means to be worn out, to be frozen in certain borders and certain ideas. people of this type will never do us any good." the last character i remember sharing with me my aversion to experience, professionalism, and ultimately "mastery" was the adopted son of gunslinger roland, jake. jake chambers from new york.


freud with the definition of the father; "people gradually learn not to believe, not to trust, not to love, and to be chronically skeptical. when that happens, unfortunately it's too late. that's what people call experience. a person who has lost touch with their heart is called an experienced."


my son tried to pull the 3-5 white strands he saw in my hair this morning because it made me feel old. "they're not just signs of aging, they're a sign of experience, son," i said. "what is experience?" he said still. "mistakes you learn not to repeat are like white hair, if you break them, new ones will always grow". i said or wanted to say.


is the ballistic report of the decisions.


experience is such a wonderful thing; when you make a mistake, it allows you to remember that you have made this mistake before.


life is taking an exam first, giving the lesson later..


narrowing the range of motion. is no longer as free as the first time. every experience is a fence, a barbed wire; drawn around. death of innocence. diminution of hope. a weight loaded on the saddlebag. a white in her hair. an unheard of song. an unreadable book. a hesitation. an embarrassment. a fear. a crime.