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heard this word, which means existentialist, in philosophy class in my first high school years. it is such a sexy and impressive word that i used it in a sentence for days and chased it to double the iQ level of the environment there, but i could not find a place to use this word in our friend circle. who understands philosophy from literature because things like okey, pisti, filthy sevens, pes, fifa are spoken in the environment.


existentialist. (see: existentialism)


he is the one who seeks existence to get lost in the traces of vision, consciousness, spirit and reason. the concept of "existence" here is actually extinction. existence is the adventure of searching for oneself. there is a similar situation in oriental literature. this quest is shaped on the way of fenâfillah, and ends at the level of a perfect human with the attainment of bekabilah. and the person who seeks himself is lost in himself.


(see existing) (see exist)


when you play a game as a child, you forget that it is a game and you create a reality for yourself so that nothing seems ridiculous to you. however, once you realize it's a game, things start to turn around. you're whining, you want to finish the game as soon as possible and leave. every minute you don't finish the game, a question mark appears in your mind and you meet the concept called existentialism. there is only one simple rule in this game, which we call life, reality. you can't live if you can't create a reality for yourself.


a word originating from the french existentialiste. definition existentialist